Payment for private & group lessons and court time is due in full and in advance on or before the first day of play. Players and/or students will not be allowed on court until all fees are paid in full.

Group captains will be responsible for the collection of all court fees & membership payments. All participants names, addresses and phone numbers must be furnished to the club in advance of play. Membership is required for all players participating 3 or more times during the regular season. Guests must check in at the front desk and pay a guest fee of $5.00 per hour.

Seasonal court deposits, seasonal court payments, clinics, camp and group payments are non-refundable unless that spot can be sold for the remainder of the contract or current season.

It is understood that seasonal court time cannot be cancelled during the contracted season. However, if management has at least 24 hours notice that a seasonal court cannot be used, the club will endeavor to resell the time. If the court time is resold, a make up session will be made available at the end of the current season.

A maximum of 3 makeups per seasonal court is allowed and must be taken before the new indoor season begins.

Lessons and/or open court time cancelling for any reason within 24 hours of scheduled time will be responsible for payment in full. There will be no refunds for seasonal courts, private or group lessons unless that court or lesson slot can be resold for the remainder of the season or the remainder of the lesson program.

The Fort Lee Racquet Club has the right to cancel any membership, lesson participant or seasonal court for any cause deemed appropriate and at the sole  discretion of club management, including but not limited to, the failure of any member, student or player, to comply with the rules and regulations as stated herein, expressed or implied.

No form of tennis coaching or instruction will be allowed except as authorized and approved by club management. A maximum of 4 players and 6 tennis balls are allowed on any court at any time.

Children not playing tennis and/or observers are not allowed on the court or in the court area at any time. Unattended children under 12 years old are not allowed in lounge during nursery hours and must register with nursery attendant unless taking tennis lessons or playing tennis. Nursery hours are from 9 to 3 weekdays, by appointment only. The nursery is closed at all other times and will remain locked when there is no nursery attendant on duty.

On tennis & squash courts, only water is allowed in sealed containers. No glass, no open containers, no food or candy, no coffee cups, no soda cans or gatorade. Tennis shoes only, no cross trainers, no running shoes, no basketball shoes etc..   

The use of this facility is strictly at the players risk. The Fort Lee Racquet Club is not responsible for injuries, accidents, damage or loss of personal property arising from normal activities on club premises.

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