About Regina

Regina Poblete is a Stott Certified Instructor, and has been practicing for almost 15 years. Having gone through postpartum depression, she believes that Pilates helped her heal, not just her body but also her mind and soul. Regina works with cancer survivors, people with osteoporosis and also postpartum clients. She goes to further training and seminars to keep up with new ways of teaching and often goes to NYC and London for that “My wish is for my clients to enjoy the process and the journey of finding how strong they are and what they can actually do.”


    Fort Lee Racquet Club

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  • Walk-ins $75.00 individual

  • Packages (starting 20/20)

  • 10 Sessions: 50 min class

  • Privates $650/person

  • Duets $400/person 

  • Special price ($100.00 off per person @ packages till end of 2019 only for 10 sessions)

  • 5 Sessions: 50 min class

  • Privates $350.00/person

  • Duets $250.00/person 


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